Our Services

We provide family-centered primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services including a wide range of specialist services as appropriate and tailored towards patient needs

We provide a comprehensive service that caters for women preconceptionally, during pregnancy and delivery as well as during the 6-week period following delivery.

The laboratory operates 24 hours a day. It is equipped to provide basic and advanced services in chemical pathology, haematology/blood bank, microbiology and parasitology.

Through a growing online access to local and international consultants, we provide off-site specialist diagnosis and reporting of ECG tracings for our clients.

Our dental equipment is often updated, and combines the latest equipment along with an ergonomic layout, including specialty X-rays (Panorex and cone-beam).

Renal services are a specialised area of medicine involving diagnosis, management and treatment of complications for patients with kidney impairment and/or disease

We run a robust general outpatient service that caters for many of the primary and secondary care needs of our adult clients.

Our orthopaedic team uses modern techniques and equipment to solve simple and complex orthopaedic problems


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