15 May 2017
Renal Services
Renal Services

Renal services are a specialised area of medicine involving diagnosis, management and treatment of complications for patients with kidney impairment and/or disease. The onset of kidney disease
can be sudden (acute) or develop over months or years (chronic), and may or may not progress to kidney failure.
End-stage kidney disease (ESKD) results when the kidney function is insufficient to excrete waste, concentrate urine, regulate electrolytes and produce hormones to the extent death will occur unless
a renal replacement therapy (RRT) is instituted. The continuum of care for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) encompasses managing early and potentially treatable disease through to the
management of ESKD, including renal-related surgery and RRT in the form of dialysis or transplantation services.
Care and management throughout the continuum of illness—from prevention, screening, diagnosis and pre-dialysis care through to treatment, supportive care and palliative care—is complex and
requires specialised care. This care is delivered in a range of settings by a number of health professionals and through varying treatment modalities, including surgery, dialysis and supportive care.
Renal care requires close collaboration between primary care providers, renal teams and other specialist services. The range of settings for the delivery of renal services includes the patient’s home,
hospital, stand-alone facilities and/or community healthcare settings.
Existing comorbidity combined with age and other patient characteristics can be used as a guide to classify ESKD risk. The mix of patients categorised by ESKD risk is likely to have implications for
facilities in terms of staffing and service delivery. Frequently renal patients have high levels of other comorbidities which interact in determining care needs. The Caring for Australasians with Renal
Impairment (CARI) guidelines1
are recognised as best practice standards in provision of renal services and should be followed by renal service providers, wherever possible.
Renal services within the scope of the CSCF and their location within the CSCF are outlined in Table 1. The CSCF’s focus is on treatment services for patients with diagnosed renal impairment and/or
disease provided by public or private health facilities, and includes renal dialysis services, renal-related surgery services and superspecialty renal transplantation services.

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15 May 2017
Dental Services

Our dental equipment is often updated, and combines the latest equipment along with an ergonomic layout, including specialty X-rays (Panorex and cone-beam). This unique environment enhances our ability to offer the highest quality of comprehensive oral hygiene for patients of all ages.

15 May 2017
Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Services

Through a growing online access to local and international consultants, we provide off-site specialist diagnosis and reporting of ECG tracings for our clients.


We provide ultrasound services with 3-dimensional output and

colour doppler capabilities in general abdominal, urological, obstetric and gynaecological modalities.

We also perform transrectal ultrasound scans (TRUS) for prostate evaluations on request.

We undertake routine obstetric scans including detailed fetal anomaly scans when indicated. We also perform Saline Infusion Sono-Hysterography (SIS) on request or when indicated for our registered patients. Transvaginal ultrasound scans are also perfomed for routine obstetric and gynaecological investigations and in assisted conception to monitor ovulation and timing of intrauterine insemination (IUI). All images are stored in video format for further referencing at a later time. Therefore, complex images requiring additional interpretation or opinion are promptly forwarded to offsite experts (telemedicine) for detailed interpretation.

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15 May 2017
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
ObstetricS and gynaecology Services

We provide a comprehensive service that caters for women preconceptionally, during pregnancy and delivery as well as during the 6-week period following delivery. Our neonatal services are designed to provide easy access,

comfort and convenience to the nursing mothers and their families during this vital period of their lives.

We are a baby-friendly facility and we encourage breast-feeding in the first 6 months of life unless patient-specific circumstances preclude this most beneficial practice.

All labour cases are assigned to a personal care midwife on admission to the delivery suite which is equipped with standard delivery beds, one of which is the ultra-modern Affinity 4 Birthing bed fitted with cardiotocograph for monitoring mothers and the unborn child.

In addition, each midwife is provided with a pocket fetal Doppler for fetal cardiac monitoring.

Newborns are promptly evaluated on delivery. Staff trained in neonatal resuscitation are always present if a need for such intervention arises. Basic resuscitation materials are also available.

There is a neonatal unit equipped with an incubator and an ultramodern phototherapy unit. The Ultra BiliLight 220 device delivers up to 12 times more phototherapy treatments than any other device in the market. With the PEP bed Bililight phototherapy delivery system, exchange blood transfusions are almost never necessary, even for the most severely jaundiced neonates.


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15 May 2017
Laboratory Services

The laboratory operates 24 hours a day. It is equipped to provide basic and advanced services in chemical pathology, haematology/blood bank, microbiology and parasitology.